TextBatchConv FAQ
Why Chinese is not well converted?
I use an internal function of Xojo. Wait for a update by Real Software and maybe it will work better.
Which file type can it convert?
It can convert ".txt;.html;.htm;.xml". Or you can set in the preferences to accept any type.
I sometimes ear a "Pouet" song, what is it?
The source encoding selected cause problem, the search/replace won't be done. And the file won't be saved in Batch process.
Why sort Find/Replace list?
It's sorted from the longest words (searched first) to the shortest words (searched last). Because if it find and replace "fa" by "do", it will never replace "father" by "mother" as "father" has became "dother". Then it has to find replace "father" by "mother" before "fa" by "do".
How to Find/Replace EndOfLine and/or Tab?
As you can't enter EndOfLine or Tab in the list, enter the string "#¬#" which will be seen as a EndOfLine, and enter "#—#" which will be seen as a Tab. In the exemple below, the comma followed by a LineEnding will be replace by a simple LineEnding, and the Tab will be replaced by "---------------".
Why words I want to find and replace are not, even if I see them in the text?
Try to configure the source enconding in UTF16 (it could be the high octet seen as a invisible character).
Others questions?
Read Common to all my applications FAQ.