ToroMind FAQ
Why is it impossible to change the size of the board?
Because it's to hard to change the program, it has not been programed from beginning for this feature.
What's the goal, how to play?
WikiHow - How to Play Mastermind (en).
WikiHow - Comment jouer au Mastermind (fr).
Is there tips to play?
You can move the pawns in the deck, and then put to the top those you are sure they can't be in the combination. And put to the bottom of the deck those you are sure they are in the combination.
And you can put a CheckMark (⌥(Alt), or ⌃(Ctrl), or ⌘(OS)=⊞(Win) click on the current line) when you are sure of the position of a pawn or a hole.
What mean the Pins?
Here is a screencapture to explain the Test mode (press the ⌃(Ctrl) and ⌥(Alt) keys while moving the cover). Moreover, the pegs will be placed in the order of the pawns, even if you only move the cover very slightly.
In normal mode, this is exactly the same except that you don't know to which pawn each peg refer (if you valide two times the same attempt, you will obtain the same pegs but in a different order).
Can I set a combination for someone else?
Yes, fill an attempt with the pawns you want, then:
 • Select the Create combination menu, and let someone else play the game.
 • Select the Copy combination menu and paste it in an email. The person who will receive the email will just have to copy the code string et select the Paste combination menu.
Others questions?
Read Common to all my applications FAQ.