ToroNess FAQ
Why another program like this?
Because the other programs I found need an internet connection and monthly payment.
How to edit a report?
Select some characters of the report you want to edit and click the Edit button. Click it again to validate the change.
How to rank a record?
Change the rank from "1 to 5 ☆" of one of the special rank "-ⓐ", "-ⓑ", "-ⓒ" or "-ⓓ" (the first two will be considered as low rank in Kml export, the last two will be condisered as high rank). Those specials ranks are supposed to be "Need review".
Whate are the symbols on the left column of Events window?
: anniversary, : Normal event, : Important event.
Anniversary are always link to a form, an event may be not link to a form. If not, a click to the "Edit item " button will just beep instead of open the linked form.
How to navigate between the fields and the cells in the list?
You can simply click the field or the cell. Or press⇥(Tab) key to change the field or the selected list. Once a list is selected, hit ↩(Return) key to select the upper left cell, you can change cell using ⇥(Tab) and ↩(Return) key. To be able to select another field with ⇥(Tab) key, you'll have to Validate the field from the Edit menu (or use its shortkey.
Where are the Revenues files?
They are in thefolder "@@_ChiAff", inside your database folder.
Where are the deletes forms?
They have been moved to the folder "@@_FichsSupp", inside your database folder.
ToroNess doesn't import any contact, what can I do?
Open "System Preferences", then "Security and Privacy". Click the "Lock" at the bottom left side and enter your admin password. Click "Contacts" on the left side, uncheck and check again ToroNess.
Note: Contacts import is only avalaible on Mac.
How to search GPS coordinates of each address in all records (Batch)?
Select all the records in the list, click the Batch button "" and in the DialogBox which appears click "Search Gps coord". Hold down ⇧(Shift) key while clicking this button to search even if the GPS cell is marked to be ignored. Hold down ⌥(Alt) key while clicking this button to force the search even if GPS coordinates are already there (they will replace the existing coordinates).
How to review all the records?
You may want to review each record after have changed a preferences settings (Phone numer format or City space/hyphen). Select all the records in the list, click the Batch button "" and in the DialogBox which appears click "Search Gps coord" while holding down ⌥(Alt) and ⇧(Shift) keys.
SMTP server problem?
Usually, if port is 587 then enter 0 : ModeSTARTTLS. And if port is other (465) then enter 1 : ModeSSLTLS.
Many errors during emailing?
RFC rules tells to avoid long subject.
Are there some Tips?
Hold down ⌃(Ctrl) and ⌥(Alt) while clicking the X(Cancel) button of the Calendar window to display the current hour.
Others questions?
Read Common to all my applications FAQ.