SyncTwoFolders FAQ
What mean the errors codes?
Leave a few seconds your mouse on each settings (CheckBox etc.) and a helptag will appear. There is too a helptag on the EditField at the top of the log window explaining the meaning of the symbols (error code).
   • : Operation carried out
   ◊ : Operation not carried out
    # : Error during the operation (disc full, locked or invisible file, authorization trouble, etc.)
    ¿ : Stack overflow (to many sub-folders, folder inside folder inside folder inside etc.)
    ? : Unknown Error
     – : Item deleted
     + : Item copied (did not exist in the other folder)
     ≠ : File copied with replacement (existed in the other file)
     Δ : Source file older than Target file (in non-Reciprocal mode)
     ≈ : Item renamed (different case)
       ※◼◻ : Item visible in Source and invisible in Target (◻◼ invisible in Source and visible in Target)
       ※◼» : Item visible in Source and alias in Target (»◼ alias in Source and item visible in Target)
       ︎︎※⧗⧖ : Modification date read in Source and not in Target (⧖⧗ not read in Source and read in Target)
What indicates the first line of the Log window?
Finished 11/02/2020 : 0 #Δ / 17 / 37 Aide •◊#-+≠Δ≈ : End status with the date, then the count of error / count on rows in the log = count of operation / count of total files and folders analysed in the Source folder.
This number may be lower than the count of operations in the case of many operations on the Target folder. If a whole folder is copied from Source to Target (was not in Target before the sync) then it is counted as 1, the files inside are not counted as the whole folder is copied. The Finder does not count empty folder, SyncTwoFolders does.
Are there some Tips?
⌃(Ctrl) click a path in the list to copy it to the clipboard (+⌥(Alt) for ShellPath). ⌥(Alt) click to reveal item in the Finder.
Why Rename if different case, is the application case-sensitive?
No, the application case-insensitive. But on case-sensitive, it would be great to rename when the case is different. And, on a casesensitive volume, it will do as if it wasn't for replacing. Then, if 2 files named "Toto.txt" and "toto.txt" exist, they will will be both erased to be replaced by "toto.txt" if it's more recent.
Why the application seems to be freeze when copy (large file)?
Modification date of Alias are ignored (as file with ".lnk" extension if you check so in the Preferences). But Alias is copied if it not exists in the other folder. You may use the function "Memorize/Restore Alias" of ManageNameExt.
Why my modified Alias is not sync?
Because the copy command line is a single instruction, then the application hang while executing. If the Applescript-Finder is used to copy, then the Finder window is shown while copying.
I have many error (#), what can I do?
Those errors can be due to lack of privileges. It can also occurs when an item is visible in the first folder and invisible in the other. You can see below to repair privileges (authorization).
Sometimes error occurs when process package as folder and copy with Applescript-Finder, then select "Use Xojo to copy".
Please note that if an AppleScript script is running, there will be an error trying to copy with the AppleScript command, so it shouldn't run any AppleScript while using SyncTwoFolders. Error (#) can also be due to a TimeOut if Applescript-Finder is used, see below.
Error may also come from "Delete items beginning with:", if you have, in the same folder, 2 files "•∆ø◊MyFile.txt" and "MyFile.txt" then an error is generated as the program doesn't know what to do.
I have unknown error, what can I do?
Nothing, it shouldn't happen. May be one of the disk containing a folder has been unmounted?. The symbol "?" means Unknown Error. And the symbol "¿" means StackOverflowException, there are too many sub-folders (folder inside folder inside folder inside etc.).
◼◻ may indicate StackOverflowException too.
Synchronized files are copied again, Time offset problem?
Open the additional settings window (pen button) and set "Two dates are regarded as identical if their difference is less than … seconds:" to 30 seconds instead of 0. Sometimes, on Network volume, there're randomly short difference (10 or 20 seconds) when reading modification date.
Another problem could be the Time offset which may be not the same on the Source drive and the Target drive (daylight-offset). Use the Time offset PopupMenu to correct this. Please note that if you copy an entire folder, its content will be synchronized on next time as the offset may be incorrect.
The log indicate things but files aren't copy! It doesn't work?
Just uncheck "Simulation".
How can I stop the flashing Finder's windows?
Just uncheck "Synchronize the icons".
Tips : To only synchronize icons, check this checkbox and check the "Simulation" checkbox.
I ear a whistle sound when I change settings from the PopupMenu (or the Batch window), why?
It's because the additional settings window is hidden and its settings are not defaults. You can disable this alert in the preferences. Or you can leave the additional settings window opened (pen button).
How can I rename a setting?
Select the setting in the the PopupMenu (or the Batch window), click the "+" button, enter the new name. Then remove the old setting clicking the "-" button, and optionally reorder the settings in the Batch window.
The BatchSync window is empty?
Add settings using the "+" button near the PopupMenu "Last Settings".
How reorder settings?
Simply drag and drop them in the batch sync window.
BatchSync every … mn?
It doesn't run if the drawer window is closed. The timer is reseted when the window is closed.
How to BatchSync every seconds?
Hold down ⌥(Alt) key while clicking on "mn" and it will become "sec". ⌥(Alt) click again to reverse.
How to automatically close log window when BatchSync every … min?
Open the preferences window and uncheck "Open the log window on launch". If you hide SyncTwoFolders or minimized the window, uncheck this checkbox in order to not put window back to front after BatchSync.
How can I disable the sound played after each file copied with Applescript-Finder?
It happens if you selec "Use Applescript-Finder to copy" in the additionnal settings window (pen button). Or if you check "Sound when file copied or deleted" in the Preferences.
What is the option "Use shell command to copy"?
The shell command line "cp -a " copy files and folders like the Finder does. But please read tutorial about shell commands before use this. When copy large file, the application will seem to be freeze, because you won't see the Finder's copy window (with the progress bar).
What is the maximum file size that this app can sync (timeout Applescript-Finder)?
There isn’t any max size. There is only a timeout fixed to 240 seconds = 4 minutes. If your file is so big that it takes more than 4 minutes to be copied, it will be copied but SyncTwoFolders will report an error in the log (#). Just relaunch the synchronization to verify if everything is well done.
What's the option Copy timeout error in seconds?
When use AppleScript-Finder to copy file, we have to give a timeout delay. If it take longer than this delay it give an error, you can now change this delay (default is 240 seconds).
How can I change the symbols used in the log?
Open "SyncTwoFolders Prefs.txt" of your preferences folder, you MUST open and save this file in UTF-8. Search the line beginning with "Tab Symbols :@: " then change the symbols. They are separated by Tab character, if you do a mistake, the program will reset them to default.
The Ext column contains file extension, ƒ for folders and » for alias. It could contain 2 symbols if Source and Target contain a file and an alias with the same name (one replacing the other).
Does this use rsync?
No, this program scan each folder and subfolder (recursive).
What mean other option than "Move items to the trash"?
When items need to be removed, they are moved to the trash. If it's not the startup disk (then removable drives), they can't be moved to the trash by system, that's why I offer different choices. If you choose to use a folder as trash for the startup disk, then this folder will be in your home folder, in other cases (removable drive), it will be at the root of the volume.
What mean "Disk Trash"?
Removables drives are specific for the Trash. USB disk use folder ".Trashes:501:" (501 is the user ID but can be another number). Network drive use "#recycle" (Synology), "@Recycle" (Qnap) or ??? (let me know). Please note that if you use "Home Trash" for removable drive, then the files to be removed will be copied to the Home trash (as it's in the startup disk).
Problem when select "Disk Trash"?
When use a Removables drives, if SyncTwoFolders can't use the disk trash, try to create a file and move it to the trash. Sometimes it correct the problem as the System create the trash.
Sync volumes, what about Trash folder?
Invisible items are ignored by default, but you can choose to not ignore them, and on removable drives you can use a visible folder "S2F_Hist_Trash" (name by default) as trash folder. But what ever you choose, the folder used as trash folder is at the root of the volume and it will not be synched.
Sometimes it tell me that I can't select two times the same folder, why?
Because SyncTwoFolders check that you didn't select two times the same folder or a folder inside the other. It use the folders's path to verify. Then you can't choose diectly an USB stick which has the name of your folder, you should name it differently, or put the folder to synchronize inside the USB stick.
It doesn't sync alias if modification date is different?
No, modification date of alias change after have been copied. Then alias are not copied if their modification date are not equal, but they are copied if they don't exist. In fact, for alias, it's the same thing that if you uncheck "Manage dates".
I don't understand the checkBox "/"?
If it's check, the items with the names entered will be ignored only in the parent Source folder and target folder. If it's uncheck, the items with the name entered will be ignored in all subfolders. Then if you uncheck it, and then ignore "Music", all the folder called "Music" will be ignored even if they are in subfolders. If you want to sync your home folder, and ignore it's "Music" folder, then check the checkbox "/", then if you have an items called "Music" somewhere else, it will be sync normaly.
Why there are troubles with accentuated characters (in names to ignore or to manage)?
Because in UTF8, there is two way to encod accentuated characters, like é or ´e, ô or ˆo, ü or ¨u, etc. Then they could be considered as different name.
Why my settings are not saved?
Sometimes, the application lost its authorization on its pref file. Open your home folder, then Library folder, then locate Preferences folder. Get info about this folder and click the Lock and authenticate yourself. Then click "Apply to include items" in the menu of the Gear. You can also see below to repair privileges (authorization).
How can I repair privileges (authorization)?
You can repair them from the Finder (info for window), from the Terminal, but personally I use BatChmod.
Can SyncTwoFolders synchronize database (iPhoto package or …)?
Yes an No, it isn’t really made for that but you can manage package as folder. Open the preferences and uncheck "Package" above "Process these folders as files:". It should work to save .pkg copying only the modified files but not synchronize them. Why? Because if you look the iPhoto Library package in your picture folder, you’ll see .data file and AlbumData.xml. This file contains the name, the information and the path to each of yours pictures. SyncTwoFolders won’t look in this file, it’ll only keep the most recent one. Then the information contained in the ancient one will be lost (no problem if you save a database using Source on Target mode). But in recirpocal mode, SyncTwoFolders will copy some photos (files) which were in the ancient AlbumData.xml but not in the new one. It’s the same problem with Entourage or other database, SyncTwoFolders copy files, it can’t read each file to synchronize what they contain. To understand the difficulty of making a program which synchronize database, just ask yourself how you should do if you would do it manually.
How can I resize the main window?
If your screen is too small the main window should be automatically resized to the height of the screen and a scrollbar should appear. You can also open the preferences file "SyncTwoFolders Prefs.txt" (see below) and set the value "AutoSet WinMain Width/Height" to "False" and reduce the size of the window in the line above "Fenetre WinMain :@: 20,60,520,647" (numbers are Top,Left,Width,Height of the window).
How can I run as Administrator?
To run in Admin mode, select the “Quit” menu while holding down the ⌥(Alt) key. The App will relaunch asking your admin password. Please note that a script “LaunchModAdminB” will remain in the Dock and that the window of the App will be pink while you're in Admin mode.
Where can I find other info?
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Others questions?
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