MyPopBarrier FAQ
Which emails will be removed?
All emails with a red dot will be removed, not the gray, not the green, not the selected emails (or if they don’t have a red dot which you have to activate yourself before purging).
How to removed selected emails?
Select your emails then press ⇧(Shift) Left arrow (all emails will be blank or green) and then press Right arrow to put selected emails in red. Click Purge.
How to change the state of an email?
Select your emails then press one of those keys "V", "B", "SpaceBar", "Left arrow" or "Right arrow". You can also click the small buttons at the bottom right or the small button with the colored dot. Hold down ⇧(Shift) key to apply to all emails. Read help tags on the buttons in the Filters tab to know which key does what.
What is the rule order?
When email arrives the dot is blank ◦. Then:
Look if there are words to block, if yes -> red dot .
Look if there are words to let pass, if yes -> green dot (even if there are words to block or not).
Look if the recipient address (To:) is you (email account or alias), if not -> red dot (even if there are words to let pass) (only if option is checked, read below).
I receive email from a diffusion list & MyPopBarrier puts them in spam?
Uncheck "Check Recipients" in the Filters tab. If this is checked and your address is not in the recipients, the email will be regarded as spam even if there are "Words to let pass" in it.
People write me to my alias and MyPopBarrier recognizes them as spam?
In the preferences of MyPopBarrier, enter your e-mail and then a space and then your alias.
How to Pick-up only one account instead of all accounts includes (like previous version)?
Now the contextual menu does not appear anymore with a single click on the Pick-up button, you have to ⌃(Ctrl) Click (contextual clic) in order to show the contextual menu.
When should I click "Authorize (once)" and when "Always authorize"?
After downloading an update of MyPopbarrier, it will ask for authorization to read your password, in this case click "Always authorize". After clicking the § button, the system (security) will ask for authorization, in this case click "Authorize (once)". This is for Mac only.
How can I see what MyPopBarrier writes in KeyChain Access?
Just launch KeyChain Access and look for your key, the added items name begins with "MyPopBarrier …" if it created them. You can read this page about KeyChain Access. This is for Mac only.
How to not use KeyChain Access?
Default is yes (use), but it may cause some crashes. Hold down ⌥(Alt) and ⌘(OS)=⊞(Win) keys while clicking the § button (focus must not be on the Password field). KeyChain Access is not used when Preferences movable is checked in the Preferences. This is for Mac only.
Does MyPopBarrier read internet keys in KeyChain Access with the port?
Default is no, hold down ⌥(Alt) and ⌘(OS)=⊞(Win) keys while clicking the § button (focus must not be on the Password field). This is for Mac only.
What is Preferences movable for?
It allows you to use MyPopBarrier on any computer with an USB stick. The preferences, then your settings, are saved in the same folder as the application MyPopBarrier, then on your USB stick.
How can I make it go faster?
Don't add too many words in the Filters "Words to block" and "Words to let pass". You can also reduce "Load the xx first lines of the message", 100 is a good value I think.
I have error 103 or other.
Open the preferences and check your settings:
Email Address: Enter your email, it's only used to check recipients.
User Name: MyEmail ID, usually without, but try with it, maybe ….
Password: ********* You know it your own (and NO, MyPopBarrier doesn't send it to me, I've enough of my owns emails to read).
Incoming server: Pop server, it could be or ….
Port: 110 It's the default          SSL For secure account.
Enter the same settings as in Mail, Entourage or any other email application.
How to read an IMAP account?
You can't, except if this IMAP account allows POP. In this case configure POP settings.
How can I setup to receive a Gmail account email?
As for other accounts, no matter if you use them as IMAP in Apple Mail or other email apps.
Open your browser avec connect to your Googgle account (as MyPopBarrier doesn't use OAuth 2.0), then go in Security tab, and in the part on “Signing in to Google”, you’ll see the section about “App Passwords”. Expand that section next. Where you see “Select device” in that section, choose your device type. Then, where it says “Select App”, choose “Other” and enter some name for your app. Now you can click “Generate”. This will put up a pane with a password in large type that you need to copy (with ⌘(OS)/⌃(Ctrl) C or similar) to the clipboard.
Parameters are Port: 995, SSL checked: 1.
How to restore the column widths by default?
Move the pointer just to the right of the two PopupMenus which set the text size, a help tag will appear.
How can I personalize Sounds?
Locate the Preferences folder (see below). Once located create a folder inside it named "MyPopBarrierSounds", then add your personal sounds into that folder. They can have different extensions, but must have the same name as the original ones : "Bop": emails have been verified, "Msg": emails suppressed, "RadioBeep_t": new emails arrived, "TuutTuut": a word has been added to the list, "Whit": a word has been removed from the list, "Zoum": operation has been canceled, "Mail_Sent_t": email has been sent.
SMTP server problem?
Usually, if port is 587 then enter 0 : ModeSTARTTLS. And if port is other (465) then enter 1 : ModeSSLTLS.
Where can I find other info?
Here are some reviews I found on the web about my program:
Others questions?
Read Common to all my applications FAQ.