Who am I?
Born in 1970, I was attracted by computers at the age of 12. I started by developing in Basic on Apple IIe, I took the opportunity to put my nose in the assembly language. Later on, during my studies, I briefly tackled Pascal. But my school curriculum, even if it was in science, was not focused on computer science.
Years later, 20 years ago, I sent an email to the original developer of Neuronyx to thank him and point out a couple of bugs (actually there were many more Logo-TrcBp ). He sent me the source code of the program for me to look at, and that's when I got back into software development.
Since then we are friends and we continue to help each other to improve our software, but also to empty our glasses and our plates.
In my spare time I continue to keep my programs up to date.
My real work, currently, is to market heating devices with wood logs and/or pellets. I bought for that the domain name of which the current site is one of the subdomains.