Xojo website

Xojo Source code (project) Documentation
• 1 Download Xojo (which contains Lingua) on Xojo website (link above Developer Page button), once on the page, click the menu Download ▿ and Download Xojo.
• 2 Download the source code (project) of the application. All my Sources Codes are on this page.
     Don't forget to download Zx_External, this is a common source code for all programs. Move this folder in the same parent folder as the folder containing the source code of the program, like this:
• 3 Double-click the document with the application name SourceXojo_64 (source code (project), example: “SyncTwoFolders 2.4.9.xojo_binary_project” which is in the folder “SyncTwoFolders_src”) as you would do for any other document, or open it from the menu “Open” of Xojo.
• 4 Run the application clicking the Run button (a green play button). You can't Build the application as you use a Demo version of Xojo.
• 5 If there is a bug, it should explain where and why. Take a screen capture and send it to me. Then click the Stop button.
Thank you very much.