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SquareBid is distributed as:
Donationware for single user, registering (optional) has a suggested retail price of €3.
Shareware for professional use or school. For multiple licenses, please contact me via the link in the Toroco - Contact menu.
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Fill the square
The goal of the game is to fill the square 10 by 10 cells with numbers from 1 to 100 (or 6 by 6 cells from 1 to 36).
The program can help you to find the solution (colored squares).
The game can also be played with Knight Chess move (10 by 10 or 6 by 6 cells).
The program can count the cell access. If a cell has not any access (count 0) then you won't be able to finish the square. If a cell has only one access, then it is the last one, if two cells have one access, then you loose (1 access to enter, but another access to go out to the next cell except if it is the last one).
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