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ToroNess is distributed as:
Shareware for single user, registering has a suggested retail price of €30.
• Trial limited to 10 records. For multiple licenses, please contact me via the link in the Toroco - Contact menu.
Buy now via PayPal (secure website).
Local Customer Relationship Management
This application is a very simple little CRM software which does not run network (stand-alone application without internet connection). It allows to store multiple informations and to search according to several criterias.
It only creates classic text files, one file for each form. These files can be read from any application, but should not be modified from any software other than this one.
Each record contains the addresses of the various establishments and contacts. Each record can be assigned a type (up to 5 types, customer, prospect, supplier, etc.) and a rank (from 0 to 5 ☆). This allows for efficient sorting. It is of course possible to enter a general note and visit reports.
You have many filtering possibilities by selecting the types and/or ranks as well as the distributed brands, or by searching for text among the selected criteria.
You can also search for all the records within a certain radius of the GPS coordinate. In the example on the right, we will list all the records within a radius of 20 km (20,000 meters) around the Eiffel Tower.
You can register as many brands as you want. You will select for each record the brand(s) resold by this company.
The software can define the GPS coordinates of each address (internet connection required) and export them in Kml format in order to view the sites on Google Earth.
The software also has an emailing feature.
A window lists events such as birthdays of your contacts, or things to do (call a person back).
Many preferences to customize your use.
Creative Commons License These works are licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).