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You should receive an email from me to confirm your payment via PayPal. If not, please make sure that my email was not considered spam and that you entered a valid email.
Please also note that I manage donations manually. Therefore, it could take some time to process if I'm not at home (holiday, work, etc.).
For my Sharewares, you may click the "Try" button in order to make disappear the remind window during 3 days. I hope I will be able to send your key sooners.
If you don't mind, please check in the next page to allow Paypal to send me you address (country). I like to know where you're from and I use it for my statistic. I store the name, address, email, date, amount of donation, and name of the program in a file on my computer. That data is for my own use and, of course, I do not and will not give any information to anybody else.
You can contact me from this page or from the About window of my softwares where is my email address.
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